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Playing With Piezo Crystals

I updated the swarmed post.

I’ve been playing a little bit with piezo crystals. Some good how to videos include:

You just need soda ash (baking soda that you cooked) and cream of tartar to make these crystals.

So I made some: Home-made piezo crystals

I hooked them up with alligator clips: Alligatored Clipped Crystal

I had to amplify the crystals to hear them: Fet Amplifier

The amplifier I used is described here: Fet Amp. It is very easy to source the parts from digikey.

I made a more permanent mic out of a crystal that I soldered: Plastidipped crystal

I had TERRIBLE mains hum and I tried dealing with it in analog with a Twin T Notch Filter using a 1uF and a 2.2uF and 680 ohm resistors to cut out 60hz. It did not work well: T-Connector Notch Filter

I eventually made some csound code to dehum for me.

Here is a demo of the big crystal with the tinfoil on the right channel and a 4.5k piezo contact mic on the left channel. There’s a toothbrush involved as well.


SkruntSkrunt recently just performed 2 performances of interactive music instrument: SWARMED.

This instrument allows the audience to play it with their own cellphones. They just need to sign up to my wifi network and they get redirected to a web instrument that plays out on the PA!

The Victoria Noise Festival Performance

The Works Performance

Example instrument architecture

Source Code


Welcome to the new SkruntSkrunt website!

Posts From 2002 to 2008

  • Wed Feb 6 03:01:4. PST 2008
    • Check albums for Motherd and Hosehead, a recent collaboration. Also check live performances for a Dagstuhl composition.
  • Sat Jan 6 12:04:4. PST 2007

    • Ok long time, no update.. I’ve been keeping very busy in Waterloo (no longer Victoria) but I did dig up an old recording from one week I was visiting my grandparents on their farm. It was made with some speakers, a radio and a tape recorder. It turned out pretty good for being extremely low fi. I couldn’t find any minijack cables in town so I bought some head phones and made a patch cable for myself.
    • Saskatchewan Album
  • Tue Jun 7 14:47:2. PDT 2005

  • Sun Jun 5 10:33:5. PDT 2005

    • Ok long time, no update.. I performed live 3 times in the past 2 years. 2 At Noise Festivals and I think one other time in Naniamo.
    • I have made some new instruments (which were used forthe 4th Victoria Noise Festival :

    Ostitch: a sound replace written in OCaml

    Here is my webcam csound instrument (Zen Garden) written in OCaml, it uses the webcam for input data: zengarden.tar.gz.

    Here was a prototypical explaination of it: zengarden.pdf

  • Mon Jun 2 17:52:2. PDT 2003

    Performed Live At the Little Fernwood for the Victoria 2nd Annual Noise Festival. It was good. I’ll release my software online soon.

  • Mon Feb 1. 22:41:1. PST 2003

    Added some algorithmically generated multidisc album I made Bird Trapped in a Vector Field. Basically place an object in a vector field and use it’s velocity and position to determine what notes to play.

  • Fri Oct 1. 15:25:5. PDT 2002

    Got some images of my set from Moron, excellent :). Click Here to get some images

  • Sat Oct 1. 14:00:4. PDT 2002 Played at Thursdays Last night and posted the digital recording. It went pretty well.

  • Thu Sep 1. 21:47:0. PDT 2002 Boo Hoo Hoo, I have very little time to do music I’m so busy.. Boo hoo.. I’m playing at Thursday Bar in Victoria on Oct.1. with wounded infidel and victoria’s Old Skool industrial uh… cold storage enthusiatists narc!!!

  • Tue Aug 2. 09:32:3. PDT 2002 Got paid last week! Not working for that guy anymore :) Added Abram’s Table Editor! It edits tables like in PD but for CSound. You can graphically edit tables with your mouse!

  • Wed Jul 3. 20:04:0. PDT 2002 I am owed over $300. by my employer! Anyhoo I added the csound looper program below.


I updated my sequencer software you can use it more like a drum machine now. An example orc file is included (altho no sounds).

Drum Machine Update

I added my sequencer to software below. Have fun. It’s pretty cool. It also includes a sample of my csound fitler panel.