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Youtube: BEAMS Presents Drone Day 2023

See it on twitch first BEAMS Presents Drone Day 2023 WeirdCanada is promoting Drone Day. So is BEAMS. May 27th 2023 12 noon to midnight mountain time.We will be hosting a virtual drone day on twitch or youtube. We’ll be chatting along side the twitch stream all day :)Do you want to listen and chat? Goto . Don’t want to use twitch? Want to download it?

Artist Track Time
skruntskrunt interstitial drones 00:00:00 Bleak House Condemned Building 00:45:00 Nathaniel Sutton Trippy Cassette Drone 01:15:00 Phiqual Poynte Ambient 7734: music from the second floor of a nine-storey walkup 01:30:00 Brick Road I just want to be in the trees : Medieval Mud 02:15:00 Shawn Pinchbeck Transmission 03:00:00 m.o.a.i.n. Drone Day 03:45:00 Wayne DeFehr Flower Effects 05:00:00 J Daniel Cramer From Viljandi Estonia 05:30:00