Photos of SkruntSkrunt checking email making noise at Thursdays 2002-10-11

Audience Bootleg of show: 30MB ogg file
Internal Recording (board recording) of show: 40MB ogg file

Displaying my awesome stage presence.

Oh, I might be hitting something with a hammer! You never know with me!

That's a slide of car behind me. My monitor is a 19" I bought it for $250.


Yes that is Survivor on TV, it's the 4th Season of Survivor. It was on my tape which I provided for video. Generally the tape was a bunch of swirling feedback. Some people were wondering if I was making a statement about society and survivor. I made the tape at my parents house. My parents like survivor..

Awesome stage presence yet again!

I'm probably yelling or humming into a tape recorder. That tape recorder is a kick ass microphone. I use in with my line in port. It's great stuff.

Now I'm obviously yelling or screaming or possibly eating.

That's a computer case and it's vibrating because I hit with a hammer. I have a microphone inside it.
Thank you very much to Moron and Soma of Narc for the excellent photos.