It gets louder

Youtube: NME Now Hear This Friday ElectroAcousticNight With Shawn Pinchbeck, Abram Hindle, PigeonBreeders

Please turn up the audio to suite your needs. It was recorded with very conservative normalization.

Shawn Pinchbeck had video, but I did not record it. Apologies to Shawn. It was pretty neat. The video has been generated for Shawn Pinchbeck and Chenoa Anderson.

Abram Hindle had video but it wasn’t recorded so it was recreated from source materials. The audio was recorded at the scene.

Pigeon Breeders might come out quiet because their set was not amplified by the PA. The video has been generated for them.

Download the audio from

Force flute, electro and video Shawn Pinchbeck & Chenoa Anderson 12’

What absorbs the light live coding, tracks, improv Abram Hindle 17’

Untitled electro / improve Pigeon Breeders 25’