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Youtube: Lead Lozenges Presents FrozenLake121 Tape Release 2020 W/ Damno Te, SkruntSkrunt, and KM Toepfer

Lead Lozenges presents live performances from Edmonton artists to celebrate the release of 2 new cassette tapes.

frozenlake121: Multi-disciplinary artist Andrew Hall unleashing stripped down electro-acoustic improvised music built around the use of office intercom devices. His new cassette release “Innercom” will be available at this event. K.M. Toepfer: Further exploration of strange feedback sources and shaped noise. New material captured on a new cassette “Supplant”, available at this event. Skruntskrunt: Mulit-media experimetation from someone that knows more about science than any of you. Damno Te: Long running take no prisoners harsh pedal noise.

This is a no bullshit, no alcohol event. This event is being run and hosted by Michael Toepfer at;

Download everything at