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Youtube: 2016-11-23 Walking the Synth Space With Supercollider and Hilbert Curves

2016-11-23 Walkin the Synth Space with Supercollider and Hilbert curves.

Space filling curves are curves that given a space will go through every point in that space. You have probably drawn many space filling curves before. The Hilbert curve is a pretty fun recursive u-shaped curve. One neat aspect of the Hilbert curve is that it can exist in multiple dimensions and it is easy to calculate how far along you are. So I take a 2D Hilbert curve and map it to a single value then I remap that value onto an N-dimensional hilbert curve. That value is communicated to supercollider who feeds it into a synthesizer effectively letting me explore synth space through a simple 2D input. Here’s a video of mucking around on a Hilbert curve

Here’s an example of a Hilbert curve for mapping datapoints

Here’s a wikipedia article on Hilbert curves

And here’s the algorithm for mapping to n-dimensional Hilbert curves .

Here’s an interactive 2D hilbert curve generator

Youtube: 2016 09 17 NME SYOSIS 2 Full Performances of BongSample, Mark Meloche, and Greffes Du Commonwealth

New Music Edmonton’s See You or something in September 2

Not everything could be recorded due to battery and space.

Featuring many artists:

Chenoa Anderson Scott Smallwood Gary James Joynes Alicia Proudfoot Allison Balcetis BlipVert Philip Jagger Trevor DePaige David Stuart Bruce Abram Hindle Daryl Posnett Shawn Pinchbeck Mark Meloche Emily Schultz Gavin Goodwin Laura Kerslake BongSample

Youtube: 2016-08-31 Ramshackle Day Parade With Skruntskrunt and Noah and Harshmellow and Segue


HARSHMELLOW Fresh tones.

SEGUE Meditations.


August 31 9pm free show The Underdog (under The Black Dog Freehouse)

Youtube: 2016-07-24 Beams Presents the Screaming Skull With Alternative Audio

download video and audio from

Mark Meloche presents “The Screaming Skull!” With performances by Himiko, Stephen Sereda, SkruntSkrunt, Gene Kosowan, and Mark Meloche. Free outdoor show so no need for earplugs folks. Tunes start at 1pm. Poster by Gene.

Sunday June 24, 1 PM - 4 PM

Ortona Armoury Edmonton, Alberta T5K

Youtube: 20160122 BEAMS Arts Birthday Don Ross Skruntskrunt

Edmonton will be celebrating arts Birthday with artists from around the world and Local artists to create a open collaberation Agaperaygunexperiment Himiko deth noise Frozen Lake 121 Don ross Soundreamer Days Hari Maia S'sE sessions Skrunt Skrunt G wolf Stephen Sereda Dave Axis Ben Freeland Koichi Okada nobodisoundz The Spirit of Mercury Artists are paired off with each other to explore the boundaries of new music ,sound and art. Night is also dedicated to robert adrian an outstanding pioneer of new music and computer art. Also taking place will be an art exchange visuals artist will bring wrapped presents to exchange with other artists $10 non beams members $5 dollars non beams members