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Youtube: 2016-11-23 Walking the Synth Space With Supercollider and Hilbert Curves

2016-11-23 Walkin the Synth Space with Supercollider and Hilbert curves.

Space filling curves are curves that given a space will go through every point in that space. You have probably drawn many space filling curves before. The Hilbert curve is a pretty fun recursive u-shaped curve. One neat aspect of the Hilbert curve is that it can exist in multiple dimensions and it is easy to calculate how far along you are. So I take a 2D Hilbert curve and map it to a single value then I remap that value onto an N-dimensional hilbert curve. That value is communicated to supercollider who feeds it into a synthesizer effectively letting me explore synth space through a simple 2D input. Here’s a video of mucking around on a Hilbert curve

Here’s an example of a Hilbert curve for mapping datapoints

Here’s a wikipedia article on Hilbert curves

And here’s the algorithm for mapping to n-dimensional Hilbert curves .

Here’s an interactive 2D hilbert curve generator