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Youtube: SkruntSkrunt Livecoding With ChucK at the Pawnshop With Other Synth Maniacs

SkruntSkrunt – Stereo Beatings and Bit Crushing

Borys invited me to his synth-stravaganza so I did a livecoding set using chuck and emacs. This was at the Pawnshop in Edmonton on Whyte Ave 2013-08-22 (I’ll upload videos of the other performers later).

The first part is stereo beating, that is oscillators that are offset by a little bit interacting with each other on the speakers.

The second part is more oscillator swarms buzzing about like insects.

The third part is FM Vocal synthesis, some are just producing random phonemes, others are saying phrases.

Then the last bit is bit crushing, using functions based on t (f(t)) where t is the sample # we use that to make musical signals. Check out one-liner orchestras

Here is the repo of the chuck snippets I used that night! was the visualizer. is the emacs mode

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