It gets louder

Youtube: SkruntSkrunt - SWARMED (FPS/Performant View) -- Edmonton WORKS Festival June 22, 2012

SkruntSkrunt SWARMED – Edmonton Works Festival

Please excuse the quality of videography, as this is a performer eye view of the performance. I set up the network and then walk around providing tech support.

What’s really going on is that I’m not playing, the participants in the audience with smartphones are playing. They connect to my network and are served a webpage with a GUI on it. This GUI sends music commands to my webserver via WiFi and then that gets rendered on the PA.

The WiFi is setup as a captive portal, just like Hotel wifi, and it directs the users to my instrument gateway which then analyzes their device and chooses and an appropriate UI. The audience then can hear themselves play on the PA.

It was much louder than the video shows.