It gets louder

Youtube: Elemental Drone H, He, Li, B, Be, C, Fe, Rb [HD]

Elemental Drone H. The sound of the elements. Watch it in HD!

Source Code:

SuperCollider Sound of Elements

Sounds of the spectra of the Elements.

Based on extracted spectrograms, play the sound of the elements.

This is done by sampling lines of the spectrogram and playing them as SineOscillators with the lengths scaled.

See elements.R . Code partially stolen from Minute Physics

// make a Carbon synth
~carbon = ~mkelement.(~elem["C"],n:n);
// play it
~cs =;

Extracted Elements: H,He,Li,B,Be,H,Fe,Rb Spirit

Let’s listen to some Elements.

From MinutePhysics Tutorial: creating the sound of hydrogen